September 29, 2007

September 11, 2007

Coming to America

Clinton has been in America now for nearly 3 weeks. We are both adjusting well to lots of changes. After meeting Clinton last June when I was in Uganda working with Come Let's Dance and my friend Shane, I returned this summer to go to court and get legal guardianship of Clinton and bring him to America to finalize the adoption. I ended up spending almost 3 months in Uganda- twice as long as I was expecting to be there. I am glad to be home, and Clinton is constantly learning of a whole new world here in America.

He asked the other day if we always have electricity here, today he asked why I never have to put gas in the car. If you have spent time in Africa you will understand his perplexion- they only put in enough gas to get to where they are going, and then add more later for the way home. They don't want anyone to cyphen out their gas, ask to borrow the car and then use their gas, and something may come up that is more important to spend your last shilling on than gasoline. It is not uncommon for someone to put gas in a car several times a day.

Clinton loves swimming, the hot tub, bath tub, riding his bike, ice cubes, and anything familiar to him- rice and beans and mangoes are at the top of that list. He also loves anything with wheels- his new bike, skate board, and rollerblades. He does not like pizza, meat, or milk. When he grows up he wants to be a Pastor in Uganda, an Ambulance Driver- because they get to drive fast, and a massage therapist. He likes to give massages ($.25 or 400 Shillings) M-F, but they are FREE on the weekends!

Tonight I was reading a book to him before bed about Astronauts going to the moon. He was completely Amazed and kept asking if those people really walked on the moon. I assured him that they had and he finally said, "Mommy Lauri, I think we will go." Those are big dreams!

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