December 25, 2007

December 24, 2007

Sledding with Annika

Leah, Tim and Annika are here for Christmas. Clinton has been very excited to have his cousin visit- he seems to have a real sense that she is family. Yesterday they went sledding together at grandma and grandpa's cabin. The anticipation for Christmas is about killing him. This morning (Christmas Eve) he woke up and said, "Mommy Lauri, don't tell me what day it is. Let's pretend it's Sunday and not Monday, because I think I will just want to open my presents so badly."

Learning to Ski

Clinton learned how to ski in the driveway, and has now been to the mountain twice as well. He loves it and likes to ski really FAST! There is talk of him one day being on the Ugandan Ski Team- we think he is Olympic material.

Grandma is a Good Sport

Christmas Alive

Last weekend Clinton and I were part of a live nativity at Christian Heritage School. We were buying and selling goods in the Bethlehem Marketplace. Every car that drove through received a CD that has songs and kids reading the Christmas Story. Clinton now likes to listen to the CD on repeat in our car, really loud, with the windows down, so that everyone can hear it.

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